Frequently asked questions about our chapter and events.

1. How do I become a member of Durham H.O.G.?

To become a Durham H.O.G. Member you first must be have a National H.O.G. membership. Visit the national site to get your membership – there are different kinds to choose from, such as annual memberships, life memberships and associate memberships.

Once you have your national membership, download our 2022 Durham HOG Membership Form and either email it to Rosemary Wityszyn, Durham HOG Membership Officer at: rwityszyn@gmail.com or drop it off to a member of the Motorcycle Sales Team at Durham Harley-Davidson, 880 Champlain Avenue, Oshawa.

2. Do I have to be a member of Durham H.O.G. to join a ride?

Everyone is welcome to join in our fun. We love to share our joy of safety and fun with others. If you aren’t a member, the only thing you need to do is sign a waiver form.

3. I’m a member at another chapter, can I still go to your events or rides?

Being a member at another chapter shows you love the motorcycle & H-D lifestyle as much as we do! Join in our fun, and remember there is no rules that say you can’t be a member of more than one chapter!

4. I have my National HOG membership, so how do I join in events?

Take a look at our events calendar and plan to join in a meeting or ride. Best to reach out to someone in the chapter to get the details. Try Rick Lovitt our Director at durhamhogdirector@gmail.com or reach out to Andre Mazerolle at Durham Harley-Davidson at 905-674-1168. We also have a private Facebook group for our chapter members where we share our fun. Once you become a chapter member you will be instructed on how to join the Facebook group.